APRIL 2019 SPECIALS            

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Leymus arenarius ‘Blue Dune’


1 gallon size 25% off

Regular price $9.99


A bold textured, vigorously spreading grass that is useful

for erosion control. Its silvery

blue color makes a dramatic background for purple flowering and burgundy foliage plants.  Will grow to about 2’ tall in full sun or light shade. Needs very little water once established.



Carex flacca ‘Blue Zinger’

1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $9.99

This wispy-textured, silver-blue, evergreen sedge makes a great  deer-resistant groundcover,

It will grow in full sun to deep shade. It likes moist soil best, but will do fine with infrequent watering once established.

Grows to about 2' tall and slowly spreads to about 4' wide.




Miscanthus sinensis var. condensatus ‘Cabaret’


1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $9.99


This fabulously green and white striped grass is perfect for a quick growing screen. It will grow to 6’-7’ tall and 3’-5’ wide. Likes full sun or light shade.Foliage can be cut back in early spring to refresh.




Tibouchina urveillana


1 gallon size 25% off regular price $10.99


Intensely purple flowers and lovely fuzzy leaves make this shrub very popular in gardens near the coast. It likes part sun to light shade and well drained soil. Medium water needs. Will grow to about 8’ tall and wide.





1 gallon size  25% off

(quantity limited)

regular price $15.99


New Zealand native starts as a low clump of strikingly variegated foliage, then grows to form a trunk like a miniature palm tree. Great in large pots or in the ground. Likes full sun and moderate water.



Feijoa sellowana

1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $8.99


Produces edible fruit with a tart, pineapple-like flavor. Flowers are edible too! Popular as a specimen shrub or sheared as a privacy hedge. Can also be trained into a tree shape or espalier. Will grow to about 20' tall if not cut back.

Drought tolerant. For best fruiting, give some supplemental watering.




Japanese Mock Orange

1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $8.99



An elegant formal looking small shrub. Tidy, easy care mound of glossy green foliage. Grows  to 2'-3' high and 4'-5' wide.

White flowers look and smell like orange blossoms.

Grow in sun or light shade. ____________________________________________________________


Lirope spicata

1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $10.49


Evergreen silver and green striped foliage brightens up shady areas. An excellent slow growing groundcover under trees or shrubs. Likes moist, well drained soil. Grows to 18" tall. Spikes of pale purple flowers in summer. Grows well in containers, in rock gardens and along paths..




New Zealand Tea Tree

1 gallon size 25% off

regular price $9.49


Versatile shrub or small tree covered with deep red flowers winter through spring. Can be sheared as a privacy hedge. Needs little to no supplemental water once established. Likes well drained soil and full sun. Grows to 8' tall and 5' wide.



Solanum rantonnetii

& 'Royal Robe'

1 gallon & 5 gallon sizes

25% off

regular price $10.99& $31.99

Cheery, deep purple flowers with yellow centers cover this semi-evergreen shrub. The blue variety reach up to 12' tall. 'Royal Robe has dark purple flowers and can grow to 8' tall. They can be trained as a tree or espalliered.  Give full sun, rich soil and regular water for best results.



Lonicera nitida 'Baggesen's Gold'

1 gallon size  25% off

(quantity limited)

regular price $9.99

Golden compact foliage on this 4-6' evergreen shrub sparkles in the sun.  It is frost-hardy with moderate to regular water needs.


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