We keep at least 50 specimen hedge plants for use in screening in stock at all times with as many as 30 plants of the same variety. These shrubs can be planted close to walks and fences without fear of heaving pavement. 

We have a good number of unusual succulents, agave and cactus in sizes from 4 inch to specimens in 10 gallon size.

Far West Nursery carries a wide variety of less toxic solutions to pests, diseases and general plant needs. Let us show you how to keep your plants healthy and your garden safer for bees, butterflies, pets and people. 


Bryan, and staff check in a delivery of Pincushion Plants (Protea) from a local grower. Shipments of unusual and interesting plants start the first week of March and continue through November. 






















Fresh shipments of quality house plants arrive on a regular basis.


We sell grow pots in all sizes from 1 gallon to 20 gallon

We have a nice selection of small to medium sized glazed ceramic and terra cotta pots.



We are a local, family-owned business, operating in Live Oak since 1973.  Far West Nursery and Garden Center propagates and grows many popular landscape plants.  In addition, we purchase plants from the best, most progressive growers in the area.  They are on the cutting edge of horticulture and excel in providing quality and variety, as well as introducing newly-developed plant selections and reviving forgotten favories for the landscape.


By supporting Far West Nursery, your are also contributing to the success of many local growers.


Please consider us as your local resource for quick and easy color for the garden, whether in containers on the patio or beds and borders in the landscape. We have many plants that grow quickly with colorful blooms and work well in most areas of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. Our experienced staff will enjoy helping you select the right plant for the right spot.